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Students from 7th Grade to 10th Grade can participate in the HOMC. It does not matter which Education Board the school is associated with. Grades 7 & 8 participate in the junior category. Grades 9 & 10 participate in the senior category.

Yes, the school registration is important in order to participate in the competition. School registration can be done through our website by filling in the necessary details. It is completely free of cost.

It is better to inform the school and ask them to register for the same. Or you may contact us for individual registration. Our steering committee will decide regarding the same.

Yes, students who belong to the Junior group should cover grade 8 syllabus also.

Yes, students who belong to the Senior group should cover grade 10 syllabus also.

Yes, the competition is conducted online.

There are 3 rounds:
Round 1 is open for all students. It is based on multiple-choice questions.
Round 2 is also an objective examination but the level of difficulty increases as compared to the first round.
Round 3 is an interview round and the final round in the selection process.

Students are selected based on their performance. While all registered students attempt Round 1, for the subsequent rounds, students are selected.

Students pay one time participation fee of Rs.300. Students need not pay separately for Round 2 and Round 3.

All the registration process has been done online on our website
You need to login and make the payment electronically.

We send a detailed report to the School principal / coordinator of all the students participating at the end of the registration date.

Students can prepare for round 1 using their CBSE/ISC textbooks. We have also prepared some study material that is available for purchase. It is completely optional. Please write to us in case you wish to buy the book.

All students get digital certificate, based on the level they reach in national qualifier, which are different for each level.

No, you need not pay anything if you get selected in the national team.

Students with AIR 1 to AIR 6 represent India in HOMC. Total of 12 students are selected in the final team (6 from each junior & senior group).

Please write to us at in case you have any specific queries.